What is ammo?

This is just a preview of what to expect in this section, for those that won’t be aware of what the hell this actually means.

Basically, I’ll attempt to pre-empt the bullshit that rival fans will throw at us verbally and come up with answers to said questions in an effort to provide you fans out there with the proper responses. I’ll arm you, basically.

For example, think of the questions we always cop regarding the salary cap. I’d come up with the ridiculous question that a typical Rabbitohs fan would come up with, and then articulate how full of shit they actually are by using facts, analysis and a side ordering of eff-you.

I’ll provide the ammo on a weekly basis depending on the match-up at the time. The first, obviously, will be the Rabbitohs… ammo which essentially writes itself.

Watch this space.


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