Tough first couple of days in the office for new NRL CEO Dave Smith

Tough start, but handled well. Image credit

Tough start, but handled well. Image credit


Man, talk about sink or swim. Following a report being released by the Australian Crime Commission (via the Daily Telegraph):

… (Dave) Smith said the NRL would establish a “fully resourced” integrity unit to oversee the operations of its clubs.
It was one of five key initiates from the NRL which also included pledges to:

* Conduct an audit and establish a register of personnel supplying performance services to players and or NRL clubs;

* Sanction any club or player found to have concealed information in relation to a breach of the NRL Anti-Doping Policy;

* Require team doctors to review any instance where supplements, substances or other procedures may have been administered without the prior approval of the team doctor;

* Introduce centralised testing for illicit substances to complement existing club programs.

The NRL has also employed the services of Federal Court Judge, The Hon. Tony Whitlam QC to assist in the investigation process and establish a permanent NRL Integrity Unit in conjunction with the ongoing investigation by the Australian Sports Anti Doping Authority.

“As sports we have to get this right and we will,” NRL chief executive Dave Smith said today.

“We are committed to working with ASADA and the Government in dealing with these threats and in addition to that will strengthen our own investigative capability.

“Regardless of the outcome of those investigations, there is an opportunity here to take the initiative in terms of the integrity of in sport.

“Our fans and the absolute majority of our players deserve nothing less.”

It would’ve been great to have this “Integrity Commission” set up prior to this report being released, but at least Smith a) seems honest and b) is upfront.

But seriously, what a rough start for the new CEO. Having to admit that “more than one player, and more than one club” was mentioned in the forthcoming report is a tough thing to have to do.

This story is only developing… if and when they name the clubs and players, expect this story to EXPLODE.


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