Gould defends athletes following drugs report, while I wonder if the ACC have anything of substance

First time I've ever said that Gould makes a tonne of sense. Image credit Fox Sports.

First time I’ve ever said that Gould makes a tonne of sense. Image credit Fox Sports.

Bravo, Phil Gould (yes, I said it). While we have every right to be suspicious as I said in the article I put together yesterday, we’ve yet to hear names or which clubs have been implicated.

If you are going to come out with a report like this, you need to name and shame straight away if only to protect those that aren’t implicated.

And some of the language they’ve used in the report is very ambiguous. Gus touches on some of this language in the Telegraph:

Gould says the potential guilt of a small number of athletes has savaged the reputation of every Australian athlete without any charges being laid.

“It’s a broad-brush condemnation of Australian sport everywhere,” Gould said

“This report from the crime commission yesterday is full of words of may be and could be and suspected and potential.

“No one has been named, no club has been named, no sport has been named.

“At the moment everyone is tarnished, everyone is guilty. I’m not sure, even if they do find pockets of illegality, how you repair the integrity of everyone else who is in fact innocent. It was an extraordinary attack on Australian sport yesterday.”

But one of the main things that caught my ear is what the ACC said yesterday at that press conference. I only heard a radio snippet and don’t have a name of the guy, but he said basically that:

“Don’t assume what we don’t know. If you are guilty, come forward now.”

Why? Why would you do that? Why would you not assume that they don’t know everything?

After all, if they knew everything we’d have names by now. They wouldn’t be auditing four clubs because they wouldn’t need more evidence.

Also, they wouldn’t ask people to come forward unless a) they have “inklings” of who they might be but have no concrete evidence, or b) they have nothing at all and are hoping by yelling out loud they’ll scare some athletes who may be doping into coming forward rather than waiting with the sword of Damocles hanging above them.

I think it’s the latter. If they had concrete proof, there’s nothing to stop them coming forward now and clearing all the innocent players of the cloud hanging over themselves and the game.

Time to put up or shut up, really.


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