Vials found at Skilled Park — let’s get the name and shame thing over with for fairness’ sake

Skilled Park

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Wow. Amazing how we immediately point the finger at rugby league even when there are two other Vial-ble (lame, sorry) suspects in the discovery of vials at Skilled Park. From The Daily Telegraph:

The NRL clubs operations boss, Ian Buchanan, said the discovery was a mystery and the vials could have been put there by any sporting team that used the ground.”The Rugby Sevens were played there in October and there was a rugby Test between Australia and Argentina in September,” he said.”There is more than one tenant at Skilled Park and I certainly don’t think its fair to point the finger at us.”It the urine could even have been left there from the soccer days when the now-defunct Gold Coast United played at Skilled Park.”

via Bomb sweep police find hidden stash of urine samples at Titans home ground |

Seriously, the Titans? Didn’t the ACC watch them last year?

I wish they’d hurry up and name both the clubs and players, just so we can get rid of this cloud hanging over the game just weeks out from kickoff.

It’s really an ingenious play here by the Australian Crime Commission, releasing the “explosive” report on the eve of both the AFL and NRL seasons, getting maximum coverage in the process and casting an eclipse over both codes

We should be excited about the Roosters versus Rabbitohs, instead we are talking purely about this and which clubs/players may/may not be involved.

Get some balls and name and shame if you have them, because it’s unfair to players/clubs who are clean. The whole game is tainted until these names are released.

(Hey, at least we know it wasn’t the Roosters…if they used PEDs the last two years then they must’ve used the Home Brand versions).


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