Even the NRL’s Dream Team reckons we’re cheating the cap #Love2Hate

How the hell does Sam Moa cost $171,900?

This is the message that popped up when I tried to complete the Dream Team featuring only Roosters players — with big Sam Moa the final piece. No dice (click to enlarge):

Even in Dream Team we get accused. 26Rounds

Even in Dream Team we get no respect. Image credit 26Rounds.

Those fuckers.

For what it’s worth, my NRL Dream Team smokey this year is Boyd Cordner. He’s now vice captain which should mean increased minutes — if not the full 80 (although the mooted LO’D signing might change all this).

Now, if you are running at a second rower, would you rather run at a 20-year-old coming off two knee reconstructions (Cordner), Sonny-Bill Williams, or Frank-Paul The Wrecking Ball? I’d think most sane people would choose the first option, meaning Boyd should rack up a tonne of tackles this year.

Not only that, he’s got a year under his belt so he should be more comfortable running the ball and offloading, which means extra points. He can also break tackles and the line and should benefit from the extra attention paid to SBW.

At $269,600 he’s dirt cheap (relatively).

I’d also hit up Sonny-Bill who’s priced in the $320,000 range and possibly Roger Tuivasa-Sheck — if he is named at fullback that is. I’d avoid the halves as both will be sharing the in-play kicking…last year, both pearce and Maloney were the dominant kickers for both teams and scored huge points based on that alone. Maloney could still break the line like he did at the start of last year and goal-kicking is always an advantage, but i’d be prepared to go elsewhere with my halves.

The Daily Telegraph have release their “Supercoach Insider” column for the NewsLtd Version…they reckon Sonny-Bill is a must-have too. I have both SBW and Boyd in my team either way.

Here’s what they reckon in the Telegraph:

The former Bulldog is underpriced at $294,000. On past NRL stats, he is a $330,000 to $350,000 player.

What’s more, Williams will create opportunities for those around him. Depending which side of the field the former All Black plays on, the centre outside him – either Shaun Kenny-Dowall or Michael Jennings – will be an almost must-have.

Likewise, recruit James Maloney is arguably the best hole-hitter in the NRL and will have a field day running off Sonny Bill’s offloads 

Based on the new scoring system, Maloney averaged 65 last year at the Warriors, placing him amongst the elite playmakers in SuperCoach.

The future. Photo credit NRL.com

The future. Photo credit NRL.com

But with his Roosters deal having been signed in November 2011, and the Warriors well out of finals contention in the back end of the year, he averaged just 41 in the last eight games.

This leaves plenty of room for improvement in 2013, although his presence may reduce the reliance on Mitchell Pearce, which could see the NSW halfback’s scores drop.

Gun youngster Roger Tuivasa-Sheck is seen as the Roosters’ long-term fullback, but he’ll have to knock off captain Anthony Minichillo first.

That will no doubt happen, but will it be in round one? Mid-season? Or even next season?

Whenever it occurs, expect Tuivasa-Sheck’s SuperCoach price to skyrocket given he will no longer be hidden on the wing.


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