The Telegraph previews the Sydney Roosters, 2013 — 8th?

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Well, at least they didn’t pick them to miss the finals. But predicting us to scrape in? I think they’re underselling how good this team actually is.

While Andrew Webster rightly notes the additions — SBW, Jennings and Maloney — and what they bring to the table, he doesn’t discuss the subtractions.

The most noticeable of whom was Brian Smith.

The Roosters lacked structure, defined roles and confidence under Brian Smith the last two years. Replacing him with a rookie coach who everyone loves will immediately lift the team from the doldrums they were clearly in last year.

I personally think they’ll comfortably make the eight, and I’ve even mentioned previously that i’m going to chuck some coin on them to win it all.

In my opinion, I think eighth is playing it safe here by the Telegraph:

Drama shadows the Roosters like no other club, and fans must surely be giddy from hitting rock bottom one season and then bouncing back to premiership contenders the next.

With the unexpected addition of a genuine strike centre in Michael Jennings, a premiership might be beyond rookie coach Trent Robinson this year but the top four is calling.

When Robinson – a former assistant under sacked coach Brian Smith – was appointed late last year, he said he wouldn’t know until late January if his side could even reach the top eight.

And now?

“We’ve recruited a team that should be in the top-eight talent wise,” the coach says. “But now we need some consistency in the way we play. There’s no doubt about the players we’ve got, but are we going to be disciplined enough to apply ourselves for 24 rounds? That’s our test.”

If the Roosters know how they will use Williams, they are not saying.

“He’ll be heavily marked, but that can be a massive advantage to the players around him,” says Minichiello.

VERDICT: If the Roosters reach the grand final, it would stun. But more than a few good judges are privately tipping they have top-four potential. They made all the right moves in the off-season, but consistency has been a rare character trait at the glamour club for years. 


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