Sonny-Bill Williams joins Chooks, who face a fine for some reason, and Schubert’s clear lack of bias

Club faces an undisclosed fine for an unknown reason. Image credit

Club faces an undisclosed fine for an unknown reason. Image credit

The Sydney Roosters are still facing an undisclosed fine for reasons that aren’t entirely clear but related to the signing of one Sonny-Bill Williams.

More than likely, it is to do with the fact that his agent, Khoder Nasser, is unaccredited with the NRL.

No statement has really been issued on this and at this stage its all up in the air.

Regardless, any fine will likely be absorbed by expected bumper crowds at both the Foundation Cup on February 23 and the Opener against the Bunnies on March 7.

But more interestingly — to me at least — in this article in The Australian this morning, former Rooster Ian Schubert reportedly did not even want to register his contract.

This is the first I’ve heard of this, and blows away all those ridiculous conspiracy theories that Schuey favours the Chooks and allows them to cheat the cap. 

Here’s the snippet from The Australian:

Even a fine may not be enough to appease some sections of the rugby league community. Players’ managers are still at odds with the commission over the decision to register Williams, in particular the part played by his unaccredited manager Khoder Nasser.

It is understood the Player Agents Association asked for an explanation from the commission, which has not been forthcoming. As a result, several prominent agents have refused to pay their fees, putting them at odds with the game’s administration.

Adding to their angst is the suggestion salary cap auditor Ian Schubert was reluctant to register the Williams contract, only to be overruled. Regardless, a significant fine is likely to head the Roosters’ way at some point in coming weeks. By then, Williams should be back on the training paddock and preparing to make his debut.
Threat of fine as Sonny Bill Williams joins Roosters | The Australian


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