Roosters Bunnies expected to sell out — Roosters fandom in numbers

Hats off to the Roosters for hyping Round One’s game between them and the Bunnies to absolute perfection.

The game has garnered mad coverage two weeks out, with the SMH and Telegraph covering the expected sellout here and here.

You’ve probably gathered I am a Roosters fan, and chances are if you are reading this then you are as well.

And I can’t remember a game in recent memory where I’ve been more excited to attend — I’m also going to record it and download it (just in case there’s a blackout at the stadium or if I get kicked out for fighting a Bunnies fan).

The numbers in the below snippet from the Daily Telegraph regarding increases in membership are excellent, while the club now has in excess of 13,000 Twitter followers and one of the best social media engagement teams of any in the NRL. The #represent1908 and #love2hate hashtags took off almost immediately, as did the #tiktikBOOM hashtag for the NYC team last year.

I’m excited for this game, I’m nervous about this game, and I cannot wait two weeks for this game. I’m going to dust off the PS2 and shift Sonny Bill to the Roosters in the NRL game and have a solid shred funtil March 7, work be damned.

(But what if Sonny Bill has a shocker? I’m trademarking this headline — SBW: LOL.)

THE Roosters and Channel 9 have set the ambitious targets of a sell-out crowd and Origin-like ratings for the season opener against South Sydney.

Superb trial match victories for the Rabbitohs in the Charity Shield and the Roosters in the Foundation Cup have set the scene for a huge start to the NRL season at Allianz Stadium on March 7.

The anticipation surrounding the match had already been heightened because of Sonny Bill Williams’ first game in the NRL for five years, but the sudden emergence of the Roosters as premiership threats has ramped up the hype.

Often ridiculed for their modest crowd numbers, there is an expectation the Roosters faithful will turn up en masse, potentially filling the 42,000-seat stadium after a 27 per cent increase in membership.

via NRL season opener between Sydney Roosters and South Sydney Rabbitohs to be as big as State of Origin |


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