Matt Johns reckons SBW is out of the season opener


Whoa, whoa, whoa.

According to Matt Johns on Triple M this morning, the Roosters are thinking of resting Sonny Bill Williams due to concerns about his pectoral injury.

I tend to take whatever Matt Johns says with a grain of salt, but I agree with the premise in the below snippet that if he’s not 100 per cent, you don’t play him.

It’s a long, LONG season and he’s the main attraction. If he needs another week off, so what?

And a pectoral injury can be an absolute bitch, especially for a guy playing second row and expected to make 25+ tackles a game.


From Triple M:

Sonny Bill Williams will not play the season opener versus Rabbitohs due to injury concerns, thats the mail coming in.

“Reports are there are still concerns surrounding his torn pectoral muscle,” Matty Johns said on Triple M Sydney’s Grill Team.

SBW injured his shoulder playing rugby union in Japan last year after which the star underwent surgery.

“All I’m hearing is that torn pec muscle is not 100% repaired and they’re thinking of resting him.” Matty added.

MG said he wouldn’t play him if he was only 95% fit.

“If there’s a slight chance he might injure himself and you won’t have him at the back end of the season you rest him.”

via Sonny Bill Williams Will Not Play In Season Opener Against The Rabbitohs | NRL | Triple M.


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