Mitchell Pearce fine to play tonight despite Twitter rumours

Twitter was abuzz with rumours that Mitchell Pearce was injured at training yesterday and would miss tonights round one blockbuster against the Rabbitohs, along with Luke O’Donnell and Boyd Cordner.

I’m still waiting for confirmation regarding Luke O’Donnell’s rumoured calf injury, but according to Mitchell Pearce’s agent;


I’ve already written about Boyd Cordner ruling himself out for the clash — which is bad enough. But losing Luke O’Donnell AND Mitchell Pearce would’ve really tested the depth of the squad, in the first game no less.

Losing MP7 for this game would’ve really made this an uphill battle against a fully fit South Sydney squad that is reportedly pissed off with all the attention the Roosters are getting.

The Roosters are still $2.28 underdogs against the Rabbitohs at $1.70 (average across markets).


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