Willie Mason gives an insight into what it’s like playing in front of spurned doggies fans

Willie scored two tries. Can SBW top that? Source: SMH.

Willie scored two tries. Can SBW top that? Source: SMH.

Willie Mason scored two tries against the Bulldogs in his first game against the team he walked out on in 2008.

We all still remember him sliding over for his first, tongue out in a salute to what he called in the Daily Telegraph today the most hostile environment he’s played in outside of Origin.

So Sonny Bill, who left the Doggies not long after this game and paid $750,000 for his freedom, can expect much of the same this Friday when he lines up against Doggies fans for the first time since “dogging” them, so to speak.

But the hate for SBW is much greater than it was for Mason, who had a falling out with coach Steve Folkes and left the club prior to kick-off to join a club which ended up making the top four.

SBW just left without telling anyone, so the hate is kind of understandable — although it has been five years, they’bve made a GF since then and he paid $750K for the privilege.

So they through bottles at Mason. What can Sonny Bill expect?

And can SBW top that two try performance? He’s been in unbelievable form and is the most dangerous attacking forward in the premiership.

Whatever happens,though: bring your Stack Hats, ladies and gentlemen.

From The Telegraph:

“There was a huge deal made out of me and Sonny Bill, and the media will build this up in the same way,” Mason said.

“But the big difference is that I was playing against so many of my best mates who I won a premiership with a few years earlier. There’s no one at the Bulldogs who Sonny Bill played with at the club any more because he left five years ago. So there’s not the same rivalry on the field.

“It’s more Sonny Bill versus the fans, but the thing is he’s not playing the fans. He’s been out of the game for five years and is going really well.

“He’s a man of few words and lets his actions speak for themselves. I don’t think he will be that nervous, because there’s no reason to be nervous. He’s not playing against his old teammates, whereas that’s what I was most nervous about. So I don’t reckon he’ll give a shit (about the hype).”

Personal security guards have been booked to shadow Williams at Allianz Stadium, just as they were for Mason five years ago. But the presence couldn’t prevent vile insults and projectiles being hurled in his direction.

“Other than State of Origin at Suncorp Stadium, that was the most hostile environment I’ve played in,” Mason said.

via Sonny Bill Williams set for hostile reception when Sydney Roosters play Canterbury Bulldogs on Friday night | thetelegraph.com.au.


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