Roosters expected to be fined over SBW signing irregularities

Well here’s some more ammo for the nutjobs.

Ian Schubert has worked at the speed of molasses in looking over the Sonny Bill Williams dealings — in which SBW’s manager is not an accredited NRL agent and he was allowed to box in the offseason while on a one-year deal. Schubert is expected to hand down his findings “shortly”, according to an article in The Australian today.

Thank God we didn’t hold our breath.

I seriously don’t get the objection to Sonny Bill’s affinity of the one-year deal. He’s taking all the risk after all.

If he blows out his knee at any point and needs a reconstruction — touching wood that doesn’t happen — the chances of him signing another one year deal while most of it is spent in rehab is slim to nil.

Not only that, he’s not earning any money while he’s recovering, which is the whole point of him signing these one-year deals so he can box and wakeboard and shit in the summer months.

Seriously, what am I missing here? This is why people sign long-term contracts, as security against injuries.

Sonny Bill is taking a massive risk, and backing his body to hold up. Good luck to him.

(As an aside, doesn’t this put to rest the whole “Ian Schubert/Sydney Roosters conspiracy? See, every cloud has a silver lining I suppose.)

Salary cap auditor's spotlight on Sonny Bill Williams | The Australian

Source: The Australian

From The Australian:

CANTERBURY fans aren’t the only people gunning for Sonny Bill Williams. As Williams prepares to face his former club tomorrow night for the first time since his return to the sport, The Australian can reveal salary cap auditor Ian Schubert is edging towards handing down his findings in relation to the Sydney Roosters’ signing of the dual international.

Schubert is expected to finalise any sanctions for the club within weeks, including a potential fine for the alleged involvement of Williams’s manager Khoder Nasser in the process.

When the NRL registered Williams’s one-year deal late last year, it reserved the right to take action over the process that led to his rugby league return.

An NRL spokesman yesterday confirmed the Williams signing would form part of the annual salary cap review, which is traditionally handed down in late April or early May.

Roosters chief executive Brian Canavan said he was unaware of any imminent sanctions.

“We haven’t received anything and there has been no indications,” Canavan said.

“We’re just getting on with business.”

via Salary cap auditor’s spotlight on Sonny Bill Williams | The Australian.


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