SBW gets chicken head combs injected into his knee. Fair enough.

Have a sore knee? Get a chook head into ya! Source: Cornell University.

Have a sore knee? Get a chook’s head into ya! Source: Cornell University.

Sonny Bill has been treated with an injection into the knee of a gel that includes, among other ingredients, “a product which is produced from combs on the back of a chicken’s head”.

According to an article in The Australian, the injection takes seven days to heal and you can’t run for that period. It’s not yet known if he’ll be available for the Anzac day clash against the Dragons.

The gel is known as Synvisc and is used to treat osteoarthritis. One of the ingredients is the fluid extracted from those combs.

Chicken head combs: who the hell looks at a chicken’s head and says “yep, those combs would look good in a syringe” or “I bet that would make a great gel to inject into a knee”.

But I guess we live in an era where injecting calves’ blood into groins is standard, and getting a tattoo of Ray Lewis on the one part of your body that isn’t tattooed is seen as fine.

Plus, Synvisc can help elephants do this apparently:


From The Australian:

SONNY Bill Williams arrived at Sydney Roosters training on Saturday morning with a swollen knee.

By day’s end, he was in the hands of an orthopedic surgeon and out of the New Zealand side for Friday night’s Test against Australia at Canberra Stadium after receiving an injection of fluid harvested from the combs of chickens and normally used to treat osteoarthritis.

The Kiwis released a statement yesterday morning confirming Williams had been overlooked for the Test after the dual international received a Synvisc gel injection, which would result in his being unable to train or play for a minimum of seven days.

The process has been known as “chicken shots” because Synvisc is partly made up of a product which is produced from combs on the back of a chicken’s head.

While Williams is only expected to miss the Test, a more accurate projection of his immediate future will be made after he visits orthopedic surgeon Tim Musgrove this week.

Williams has had long-standing issues with his knees since his days at Canterbury.

Roosters chief executive Brian Canavan dismissed suggestions Williams had pulled out of contention for anything other than the injury.

“He turned up on Saturday morning to do a session at seven o’clock and it was quite swollen,” Canavan said.

“As soon as our doctor John Orchard had concerns about the knee he got Tim Musgrove involved. That’s when it was decided he needed the injection. Once you have the injection you can’t run for seven days.”

via Sonny Bill needed chicken shots for swollen knee | The Australian.


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