Damn that Cordner kid is tough

Cordner did not return after being forced off with a split head in the 34th minute. Source: Speed TV.

Source: Speed TV.

According to an article in The Daily Telegraph today, Boyd Cordner is suffering from the following injuries: a busted AC joint in his shoulder, a torn ligament in his foot and a gruesome gash across his head.

However, despite the injuries and despite the Roosters doctors insisting he shouldn’t play, the tough-as-fuck 20-year-old demanded to play.

He has a history of this.

At the start of the year he busted his AC joint which normally requires shoulder surgery and would rule him out for three months. He was back in Round Two, and was reportedly pissed that he wasn’t allowed to play against the Rabbitohs in Round One.

(BTW — That shoulder story I wrote back then WAS correct and is backed up in the Telegraph article today. Boom. It’s not 26 Rounds’ fault that anything short of a bullet couldn’t stop the fucker.)

Roosters fans couldn’t split him or Roger Tuivasa Sheck in a vote for who they thought would be the best youngster in five years’ time, and hopefully he can stay healthier than he’s been able to in his short career. But either way, apparently injury doesn’t slow this kid down any.

The moral: Boyd Cordner is a tough hombre.

From The Telegraph:

ON Monday morning young Roosters star Boyd Cordner fronted the Country Origin medical with a busted AC joint in his shoulder, a torn ligament in his foot and a gruesome gash across his head.

Roosters coaching staff didn’t want their 20-year-old vice-captain to go any further.

But unlike the cast of players who decided to sit out this Sunday’s annual clash and rest their wounded frames, Cordner demanded to play.

At that moment the passion and mystique surrounding this much-maligned fixture was revived.

After injuring his shoulder in the Foundation Cup trial match against Wests Tigers, Cordner was almost convinced to have surgery that would have sidelined him for three months.

Instead, he chose to delay the operation and slog through this season on daily physio sessions and weekly painkilling injections.

His lifelong desire to represent Country was a significant reason why.

“This was one of my goals at the start of the year,” Cordner said. “Speaking to the (Roosters) coaching staff, they weren’t too happy.

“They wanted me to have the week off and my priorities are with the Roosters.

“But I wanted to play this game so bad because it means so much to me.

“Growing up as a kid I always dreamed of doing this.”

via Roosters star Boyd Cordner defies injuries for pride of representing Country | thetelegraph.com.au.


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