Sonny Bill Williams likely to play in NRL in 2014: Report

Source: The Australian

Source: The Australian

According to a Daily Telegraph article today, Sonny Bill is likely to play a second season of NRL before returning to rugby in 2015, a world cup year.

This backs up rumours at the start of the season that SBW had again shaken the binding hand of Nick Politis to play another year at the Bondi club.

These two bits of info put to rest possibly the statements made by Tim Gilbert on The Roast last Sunday that no matter what the Chooks did, SBW was sset to return to the 15-man game next year to warm up for the cup.

If the Tele is on the money here, we’ll have at least two years with Sonny Bill.

And it that two years I fully expect the Godfather, Uncle Nick, to make the superstar an offer he can’t refuse to make it a third and fourth season.

Make him the game’s first $2m player.  Guarantee him work after he’s retired. Offer him a Maserati from your private collection for 50 bucks.

In short, do what it takes to keep him around the club.

From The Telegraph:

Williams spent the last two nights with the Chiefs at their Coogee team hotel and delivered a motivational speech to his former teammates head of tonight’s clash against the Waratahs. But it’s understood that Williams has an agreement to remain at the Roosters next year. He will head back to New Zealand in 2015 as the All Blacks look to defend the William Webb Ellis trophy.

Asked if there was a chance of luring Williams back next year, Rennie replied: “I reckon (there is) a good show of getting him back in 2015, a World Cup year.

“In the end there’s a lot of water to go under the bridge between now and then, who knows he may love his return back to rugby league and it may be hard to prise him out.

“But he’s always up for challenges, Sonny, so a World Cup would be a good opportunity to try and lure him back and if he comes back to rugby he’ll definitely come back to the Chiefs, so we’re keen to see that happen.”

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