The Roosters have the best pool of young talent in the game.

A commenter going by the name “Matt” left a message at 26 Rounds during a poll question asking who will be the best of the following players for the Roosters in five years’ time: Roger Tuivasa Sheck, Boyd Cordner, Kane Evans, Tautau Moga, Dylan Napa and Samisoni Langi.

Matt asked:

Why aren’t all the names Roger Tuivasa-Sheck?????????’

Well, it’s because not only do the Roosters have some of the best young graded and unearthed talents, but because even Roosters fans weren’t as sure as you were.

@Stevera3 commented in the polls that:

Went for Cordner but wouldn’t be surprised if at least 3 of this group become club legends.

And that’s the point of the poll yesterday. Even the fans couldn’t come to a consensus, with two current first graders under the age of 21 splitting the lead when the polls closed.

Source: SMH.

Source: SMH.

The Sheck and Boyd Cordner took the overwhelming number of the votes — each accounting for 43.9 per cent.

It’s like the hung parliament following the 2010 election — only if both sides were fucking awesome.

Boyd has had a mixed season so far but impressed everyone with his sheer toughness and eagerness to play. He suffered a shoulder injury prior to the first game — an injury that requires surgery at the end of the season — but was pissed he wasn’t allowed to play against the Bunnies.

If that didn’t get a Roosters fan hard, then they aren’t a true Roosters fan. Even the ladies got wood after that.



And The Sheck has displayed everything we’ve wanted from him in limited opportunities on the wing, with four tries, four line breaks, 19 tackle busts and some of the best footwork seen since Daniel Day Lewis won the Oscar for My Left Foot.

It’s only a matter of time before he takes the reins at fullback and dominates for the next decade.

Both players were selected in recent representative teams — the Sheck was named 19th man for the Kiwis, while Cordner will start for Country — even though both wouldn’t even be allowed to drink in the United States.

A distant (equal) third is the currently injured Moga, who is due back after round 10 and may struggle to get a start thanks to the good form of Daniel Tupou, who wasn’t even put down as an option in this one. 

(To be fair, 26 Rounds gave the option of selecting “other” and nominating another youngster. Someone voted other but failed to nominate a player, which is awesome.)

Source: Courier-Mail.

Source: Courier-Mail.

He’s the forgotten man of the three, having been injured all season, but even with all the hype around him last year — with people calling him a more skilled Izzy Folau — he finished with just 4.88 per cent of the vote. It just shows you how good the other two guys are.

When he gets back he needs to show some more effort in defence and in broken play near his line, and he needs to get far more involved than he was last year.

On pure talent alone he may be the best of the whole bunch, but from a small sample size last season his effort levels weren’t near the standards that the Sheck’s and Boyd’s have been in this one.

For revisionist history’s sake though here’s a video as a reminder of the sheer speed, power and talent this kid has:

Evans finished equal with him on 4.88 per cent. 26 Rounds honestly thought Evans would garner a higher percentage given the massive hype surrounding his possible debut against the Eels, when he was eventually overlooked for fellow rookie Isaac Liu.

Such is the depth of talent here that you could take these five players and add them to players who are predicted to be career Roosters and you’d probably have a team that could make some noise… maybe?

Think about it: Let’s put these players with Tupou, Isaac Liu, Mitchell Pearce, Jared Waerea-Hargreaves, Michael Jennings, Tupou, Shaun Kenny-Dowall and Jake Friend, just for a hypothetical.

1. The Sheck. 2. Daniel Tupou. 3. Moga. 4.Jennings. 5. SKD. 6. Langi. 7 Pearce. 8. JWH. 9. Friend. 10. Evans. 11. Liu. 12. Napa 13. Cordner.

Would this team make the top eight in a couple of years?



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