Sonny Bill Williams only a 50-50 chance of playing against the Dragons

Source: The Australian.

Source: The Australian.

Sonny Bill will probably be named in the teams this afternoon but is still struggling with a knee injury which might keep him out of his first Anzac day clash against the Dragons on Thursday.

The knee injury — which he aggravated against the Bulldogs — kept him out of the Anzac test for the Kiwis, and he needed a gel injected into his knee to deal with an ongoing complaint — a gel made using fluid extracted from the combs on a chicken’s head.

Roosters Chief Executive Brian Canavan told the Australian that:

“We are taking a pretty cautious approach, I guess you could say. Sonny was very keen to play in that Test for the Kiwis but there was just no way he could have done that. He actually aggravated the injury in the lead-up to the game against the Bulldogs but the medical staff were able to nurse him through that week.

“We aren’t going to put him out there if he isn’t right to play – that isn’t fair on Sonny or the team. The (knee) problem is something Sonny has been dealing with for quite a while. It is something we were aware of but it is fair to say that it is an issue we are going to have to manage for the rest of the season.”

It’s an injury that dates back to his days at the Bulldogs and will likely dog him (no pun intended) for the rest of his career.

The gel they injected is used to treat osteoarthritis, which doesn’t sound like something your average 27-year-old should need.

It would be a huge blow for the Chooks as he has been in great form with four tries and four try assists for the year so far, but the Roosters would still have to be considered favourites against an admittedly-improving Dragons outfit that lost another battle this week — the signing of Mitchell Aubusson, who elected to stay with the Roosters on a lower salary than the Dragons were offering.


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