Tupou another masterstroke from Peter O’Sullivan, the Roosters’ best signing in the past 10 years

Tupou: Izzy with skillz. Image Credit The Australian

Tupou: Izzy with skillz. Source: The Australian

Daniel Tupou will probably end up being the Roosters’winger for the next decade.

Meanwhile, the Parramatta Eels struggle along with Vai Toutai and Cheyse Blair.

Which of the three would you rather have, based on yesterday’s performance against the Dragons?

Sadly for Eels fans, the Daily Telegraph today revealed he is yet another player that slipped through their fingers in the past five years. Tupou told The Telegraph that:

“Peter O’Sullivan our recruitment officer, he picked me up from Parra. Call it luck pretty much.”

Again, the decision to poach Peter O’Sullivan from Melbourne has proven to be the best signing the Roosters have made since Brad Fittler.

(Overboard? Probably. This is what happens when your team wins 34-10 and moves up to second on the ladder.)

Remember, during his time there the Storm had a habit of bringing fresh superstars through the ranks — Inglis, Slater, Cronk, Smith all came through under PO’S, as did Israel Folau who Phil Gould compared Tupou to yesterday.

(BTW — 26 Rounds already made the comparison, calling him “Folau with footwork” in this article in February.)

A similar thing is happening here at the Roosters and PO’S is also seeing value in other people’s trash.

Take Daniel Mortimer for example. He was bound for country football when PO’S and Brian Smith gave him a lifeline, and now he’s an integral member of the best bench in the NRL.

And we’ve now got Tupou, who should play in the World Cup for Tonga later this year and, according to the Telegraph’s article, has declared his availability for NSW.

Overall the Parramatta recruitment policy is a shambles, and they are now forced to pay huge sums to even get in the conversation with many off-contract stars.

Chris Sandow and Darcy Lussick  being paid over what they’d be worth on the open market now, while players the calibre of Tupou are lost to the club.

They’ve also paid overs to secure Corey Norman and Will Hopoate for next year, and have recruited bad boy Gareth Hock from Wigan seemingly out of desperation to secure “a big name” following the Folau debacle at the start of the season.

There were also reports they were offering Aiden Tolman a $2m contract. He’s a nice player, but $2m nice?

Again: Peter O’Sullivan has been the biggest free agency signing the Roosters have made in a decade. His ability to unearth talent is unparalleled as you can see from the sheer amount of young talent the Roosters have this year and in the U20s.

If Parramatta had any sense they’d poach him. But they’d have to pay overs.


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