Jared Waerea-Hargreaves takes early guilty plea

UPDATED: As reported on Twitter by Dean Ritchie, Jared Waerea-Hargreaves will miss five matches after pleading guilty to a Reckless Grade 1 High Tackle on Manly’s George Rose on Monday.

The guilty plea means the Roosters avoided a potential seven-match suspension but also is surprising considering the groundswell of support among the majority of media and fans from all clubs who believe the send-off was harsh and the grading harsher.

Source: ABC.

Source: ABC.

26 Rounds made the case that he could have the charge downgraded, but it obviously wasn’t worth the risk of losing the game’s best prop for almost two months.

The Roosters named him in their squad to play the Cowboys on Saturday, but both Lama Tasi and Dylan Napa were not named to play for Newtown.

JWH will return to action in Round 16, ironically against the Sea Eagles. It should be on of the hotly-anticipated first hit ups of the season, if JWH gets the ball off the kick-off.

It should also add huge numbers to what was expected to be a big crowd regardless. But for the last wrod, here’s the man of the hour:





5 responses to “Jared Waerea-Hargreaves takes early guilty plea

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  3. Unbelievable…turned on the am radio while in the shower this evening just in time to hear Graeme Hughes (2SM) giving it to JWH! He says, “How many players do you know that just accept the verdict?”, … wtf? Not once did I hear JWH complain, f%k not even a solitary comment. The whole fiasco couldn’t have been handled more professionally by JWH and the Roosters I thought. And then as rumour had it that Dugan was in Bondi last night, he suggests that he’s “shoppin’ himself to the Roosters”, yeah…, and then finishes with “they’ve still got room under the salary cap”. As a reported christian, perhaps he should say 38 hail mary’s, throw 38 quid in the donation tray and realise rd 15’s not that far off. @#$ wit.


    • Yep, not one complaint at all mate from JWH or the Roosters. In fact, most understood the ramifications of the hit, and an early guilty plea is acceptance of what’s coming to you.

      There’s a reason no-one’s heard from Graeme Hughes and 2SM in a decade mate. My advice is to simply tune out in future. You’ll find most of these guys are pandering to a much larger audience of Souths fans who still listen to the ol’ wireless as their prime source of news.

      What a load of garbage from a guy that’s not even worthy of the title “has-been”.


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