Sonny Bill = Iron Man 3, plus stats after 10 rounds

You may have already seen this video, and afterwards had to go boxing or running or something to tone down the adrenaline. It’s a Sonny Bill highlights reel set to the trailer of Iron Man 3.

Some people have a lot of time on their hands (this writer included), but some people might just have too much.

Regardless, it’s fantastic:

Sonny Bill has been huge this season, as has been detailed ad nauseum by the media, commentators, analysts, this website and most likely the Pope.

In 10 games this year the second-rower has the following stats: five tries, five line breaks, four try assists, eight line break assists (tops in the comp) and just five handling errors and six penalties.

He’s also averaging per game 2.6 tackle busts, 2.4 offloads, 26.1 tackles, 1.1 missed tackles, 91 metres a game and 1.5 one-on-one tackles.

Sonny Bill has been the standout in attack, simply because he does so many things that lead to a dropped jaw.

He’ll now face Melbourne, who have recorded one competition point in their past three matches but have still won 15 of their past 18.

But the Roosters have won five straight — with some assistance from Number 12.


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