Poll: How much is SBW worth?

Source: Tumblr.

Source: Tumblr.

26 Rounds has gone on record saying Sonny Bill Williams is worth at least $1 million per year.

Factoring in everything from his marketability to his game-breaking ability, combined with the rise in the salary cap and his on-and-off the field leadership, and $1 million, to this writer at least, seems like a bargain.

Some have disagreed in the past, saying despite the salary cap increasing there is no need to destroy cap room for the sake of one player.

Well, according to The Lurker on Sportal:

Sonny Bill Williams’ long term future at the Sydney Roosters remains undecided. His agent Khoder Nasser wants a minimum $1 million-a-year deal to ensure he stays at the club. While there is no denying SBW’s marketability, the Kiwi superstar has struggled in recent weeks to maintain his early season form. The fact is he is no better than a lot of the top back-rowers running around on $350,000 – but his manager wants three times that amount. The call will be made by Roosters supremo Nick Politis and not coach Trent Robinson.

If the rumour is true, he’s seeking a contract similar to that which Greg Inglis, Jonathan Thurston and the like are on, and just $200K more than Will Hopoate who will join the Eels next year on a two-year, $1.6 million contract.

26 Rounds believe’s he’s worth every cent of $1 million when put in that company, while others may disagree.

But what is garbage is this notion that SBW has “struggled in recent weeks to maintain his early season form”.


Against the Storm he dropped a few balls, sure, but against the Cowboys he was absolutely tremendous with 19 hitups and 30 tackles.

Is this “Lurker” really claiming SBW is merely the equivalent of Glenn Stewart and Mitch Aubusson?

What a load of crap.

Going by this reckoning, if you have one bad game you immediately fall back to the pack. So Greg Inglis, who dropped a few balls last night and threw two passes out of bounds against the Storm a little over a month ago, is merely as good as Michael Gordon and Anthony Minichiello. Clearly that’s B.S..

Phil Rothfield said a similar thing in the Telegraph, claiming SBW is merely a $400K per season forward based on his “quiet” performance against Melbourne.

Fuck, if we can get him for that cheap, great, but he is worth way more than that. Seriously Buzz, he’s worth less than Chris Sandow, Hopoate and Roy Asotasi?

Clearly both the Lurker — who has predicted Marty Kennedy is bound for the Tigers and that the Roosters would offer SBW the captaincy as a carrot to stay — and Phil Rothfield don’t watch the games or even read the statistics.

Or they are just click-baiting and drawing dickheads like me into a shitty debate that only serves to piss me off.

(Sorry, still a bit bitter from the Storm match.)

But what do you think? Is Sonny Bill worth a mil? More? Less?

Why not vote below:


2 responses to “Poll: How much is SBW worth?

  1. “Roll out the barrel… ” Oh, slightly better mood here today, YES thank you Sharkies….!!!! From all accounts souffs got walloped and lost the match to boot.
    Re: SBW and 2014 I think it’s just Nasser up to his usual tricks trying to up his asking price. However as you say it will be Politis doing the deal with SBW directly. Nasser’s not in the same league, pardon the pun.


    • I’ve never been happier than last night! Looks like Todd Carney still has a soft spot for the Roosters and a bee in his bonnet about Souths!

      You’re right, Nasser would be pushing the $1mil price, but i personally think he’s worth it. To lose him after such a strong start to a season ould suck, especially considering premierships are builton continuity. Even just another season could be enough before he goes back to Rugby, so hopefully they can work it out and get another year of SBW in the RW&B.


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