Sydney Roosters forward Boyd Cordner escapes suspension for biff. Somehow.

Source: Fox Sports.

Boyd Cordner has escaped a ban for fighting and is free to play the Warriors on Sunday.

The Roosters contested the Grade One striking charge, which would have given Cordner a one-round rest had he taken the early guilty plea or not, and coach Trent Robinson will be positively stoked that the young back-rower will line up against the might of an in-form New Zealand squad.

According to the Roosters website:

Following the hearing, vice-captain Cordner was clearly pleased with the result.

“I’m over the moon with the outcome and really happy to have had a fair hearing and now just pumped to play the Warriors this Sunday.”

Asked about the challenge that lay ahead for he and the side this Sunday, Cordner said: “They’re on fire at the moment and we’re definitely going to have to lift if we’re going to come close to competing with them.”

And, what if another scuffle breaks out?

“I’ll be staying well away,” said Cordner, smiling.

There was no mention of the defence the Roosters used to get Cordner off the charge, but according to Twitter fellow @Chandler_BANG:


Do you think Boyd got lucky or not?


4 responses to “Sydney Roosters forward Boyd Cordner escapes suspension for biff. Somehow.

  1. The MRC when questioned regarding another recent ruling claimed their decision was justified, with members of the panel only having a ‘slight’ concern for the player in question’s safety, and further as that player landed on his shoulder/back, there was in fact no case to answer. One can only wonder then if the MRC has decided Cordner’s brawling prowess so ineffectual as to not warrant any level of concern then what might be the outcome if he was to appear again on a similar charge, let’s say next Wednesday?
    In his defence, one could argue that through precedence and the panels own admission he’s certainly no WMD, and as no player was at any stage put into a position of concern as a result of his actions, there can be no case to answer surely.
    This might well be worth the possible week suspension to make and contest this very point and in doing so embarrass the NRL into some long-overdue fairness and consistency in this area.


    • Well said, and i have no doubt you’re correct on this. But when is intent without connection not suspension-worthy? Does a player need to be injured for it to warrant a suspension, despite the obvious intent of a punch to hurt the opposing player?

      Don’t get me wrong, I’m glad he got off, and we’ll desperately need his toughness against a big New Zealand pack. But I will never agree with the rule that, to warrant suspension, you need to connect. An attempted swinging arm, spear tackle or punch should be enough in my mind to warrant a suspension.


  2. “But when is intent without connection not suspension-worthy? Does a player need to be injured for it to warrant a suspension, despite the obvious intent of a punch to hurt the opposing player?”
    Let me try answer that with a question of my own. Is there an official League rule book available anywhere? AFAIK there’s not, and so, between those inept on the field, and the arrogance of the administration off the field the game and it’s following is continually eroded. Of course Cordner should have been suspended, likewise Cronk for the RTS tackle. But neither player were… one talented player claiming no intent, the other intent but without the talent. The only thing funnier is the MRC…
    Like you I’m glad Cordner walks, but the truth IMO is the MRC could not respond to any flac re: the following;
    JWH – 6 weeks
    JF – early plea
    SBW – early plea
    BC – overturned

    Now imagine if they gave Cordner a week…

    In the end it’s no different to Bill Harrigan admitting on radio he had pre-conceived ideas about certain players, about individual teams and about the outcomes of certain matches. He openly admitted he’d ‘tip’ infringing players, rather than blow THE DESERVED PENALTY to the other side. Sound famaliar He justified this by saying his role as referee was to deliver the game of footy the fans paid for and came to see. Well F!@# ME! And the whole time I thought referees were out there in the middle to adjudicate according to some set of rules. Likewise the MRC. Forget rules, facts or fairness. It’s just a whitewash of appeasement week to week…


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