Matt Johns reckons Jackson Hastings, son of Kevin, has signed with the Sydney Roosters.

Source: Daily Telegraph.

Source: Daily Telegraph.

UPDATED: Jackson Hastings, the highly-touted son of Roosters legend Kevin Hastings, has reportedly signed with the club according to Matthew Johns and another source.

Johns delivered the potential scoop on his show on Fox Sports. And it may be all but confirmed, as Twitter chap @locko_nath asked a relative 0f the young gun if he had indeed signed. The relative told him it was true.

Rugby League Week’s The Mole disputed the news in a follow-up tweet, claiming this:


And a few people on Twitter have said they’ve spoken to Kevin as well who they said denied Johns’s report — which could also be a case of keeping it hush-hush for the moment until a proper announcement is made.

Nothing is confirmed at this stage, except that the Roosters have long been in the hunt for Hastings’ signature. But if the reports are true, the young utility,  rated as a future superstar of the game by most experts, has left the desperate Dragons.

Nothing has been confirmed by either the Roosters or the Dragons, but if it is true, how the Dragons let him go when they have cap space and a need for a player of his ability is beyond this writer, and is a massive coup for the club where his father became famous.

Experts see him as a half or fullback, and he’s only 17. He could be the long-term replacement for James Maloney who is 26 and in the first year of a four-year deal.

He has a kicking game, is a superb runner of the ball with deceptive upper body strength and he possesses a great passing game. He’s played primarily at fullback for the Dragons’ Holden Cup squad and has impressed everyone.

Where he ends up fitting in is yet to be determined, and the Roosters have the likes of Nene McDonald in NYC and Roger Tuivasa-Sheck ahead of him for the fullback spot at the moment. Some have said his future may be at hooker as well — which just shows the kid’s versatility.

To reiterate: he’s only 17.

Chalk this up as yet another win for Peter O’Sullivan and the Godfather, Nick Politis — again, that’s if the report from Matty Johns is true, and several people have doubted it is. I guess we’ll see.


2 responses to “Matt Johns reckons Jackson Hastings, son of Kevin, has signed with the Sydney Roosters.

  1. As a 7yo I can remember being mesmerised by the sheer heart and soul by which his father played the game, traits which remained characteristic right through his career. It took just that first sighting of Kevin “Horrie” Hastings and I became a lifetime Rooster’s fan. Thanks Jake for the memories…
    I’ve not seen Jackson play but it goes without saying that if he indeed is blessed with the talent, plays with just an ounce of the passion and heart of his old man, and wants the opportunity to do this at the Roosters then make it so. And how good would it be to again hear the cry “Hastings… Hastings!” for the Red, White and Blues.


    • Haha don’t thank me, thank Johns!! Nothing is obviously confirmed yet, but a couple sources say its true, while others claim to have spoken to his father who denies it so far.

      Until we hear from the Roosters or Dragons either way, this falls firmly into the rumour pile but is worth writing about IMO, considering the talk going around about this kid.

      I haven’t seen much of him either but certainly will tune into the next televised Dragons NYC game.


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