Roger Tuivasa-Sheck highlight reel — the first of many.

26 Rounds missed The Matrix last week.

No, the movie wasn’t on TV and no, Shawn Marion was not in town. But the Roosters did play the Dragons, and there was a noticeable absence on the wing of a player who Andrew Voss once said could sidestep raindrops.

Source: Tumblr.

Source: Tumblr.

Roger Tuivasa-Sheck missed the game against the Dragons due to concussion, and fans were unable to watch a guy who could step past 100 Agent Smiths and dodge bullets if given the shot.

No Roosters fan should really have to be robbed of that, and by the time he next plays it will be three weeks without watching the sleek footwork of the Chosen One.

So thankfully some mad dog put together a highlight reel of The Sheck’s top moments in  just 21 games of first grade. Seriously, he hasn’t even played a full year, yet somehow he fills three minutes with some of the best footwork anyone will ever see.

This kid is a superstar of the future and a star of the present — and if you are anything like this writer you’ll love this highlights package put together by a dude/dudette with the handle Inala69.


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