“Where is Bowraville? That’s in Queensland!” Revisiting an old ditty ahead of the decider

Source: Fox Sports.

Source: Fox Sports.

You’ve probably already seen this video by the excellent Denis Carnahan, but on the eve of the most hyped Origin decider in years, it’s worth another look here.

This is one of the most important videos ever put together: a think piece documenting the lengths and depths Queensland will reach for and plunge to in an effort to put together what many have described as the greatest Rugby League team assembled since The Immortals.

I don’t believe I am speaking out of turn here to say that it’s videos like this that have the chance to change the world, like Michael Moore’s Sicko or Seth McFarlane’s Ted.

For people familiar with this, it’s worth another look. And for those new to its brilliance, sit back and relax with one of those famous Queensland beers: that’s right, a Bintang.


(And thank you again to Denis Carnahan. You can check his stuff out at http://www.deniscarnahan.com.au.)


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