Sonny Bill Williams faces up to three weeks out following shoulder charge on Mason

UPDATED: Sonny Bill Williams faces up to three weeks out after being charged with a Grade 3 Careless High Tackle following the Roosters’ 28-12 win over the Knights on Sunday.

Source: Canberra Times

Source: Canberra Times

SBW was placed on report for a shoulder charge which collected Willie Mason high, with many observers expecting the second rower would see some time on the sidelines. The NRL tweeted today the list of people who face a charge from the weekend’s action:


With an early guilty plea Williams will face two weeks on the sidelines — which would entail missing games against the Panthers and Raiders. The Roosters have not yet made a statement about whether or not they will contest the charge.

However, SBW may have an unlikely ally in Willie Mason if he looks to challenge the charge.  According to a News Limited article, Mason had complained that the referees and SBW had targeted him. However, according to that same article:

…. while Mason accused the Roosters and Sonny Bill of targeting him, there is clearly no overhanging bad blood with the pair sharing some light-hearted banter on Twitter on Monday morning.

It started with Mason defending the shot that dazed him in the first half of the game, saying a suspension was unwarranted.

“he should be sweet. I think SBW wound the clock back to 2004!thats (sic) how it should b!” Mason tweeted.

Then Sonny Bill got into the act.

After tweeting a picture of his battered finger, which was injured in the match, Williams joked that Mason had bitten him “after he head butted my shoulder”.

@mase21 chances on a sneaky phone call to the judiciary..#Helpabrotherout!! Hope the calf ain’t serious big falla..

— Sonny Bill Williams (@SonnyBWilliams) July 28, 2013

Mason responded: “I’ve gotta stop doin that s*** bruh it’s not good for the head!more worried about this calf of mine.”

Then Williams bravely asked Mason for some help with the judiciary.

“chances on a sneaky call to the judiciary… #Helpabrotherout!! Hope the calf isn’t serious big falla..”

And it just might work.

Mason agreed to “do what I can” but told Sonny Bill he might need a week off to get his body back to 100 per cent, after Sunday’s clash. 


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