Beau knows Sonny Bill a little more closely now

Source: Daily Telegraph.

Source: Daily Telegraph.

News Corp’s Paul Kent has reported the Roosters targeted Beau Ryan following his SBTV skits on the Footy Show.

According to an article that appeared on Fox Sports today:

Sharks winger Beau Ryan went into the game with a target on his head.

Some Roosters players felt The Footy Show prankster had crossed the line with his weekly impersonations of Sonny Bill Williams and wanted revenge.

 Coincidentally, Ryan was whacked hard early and sat-out the second 40 minutes with concussion.

Twice Williams conceded penalties to get at Ryan, with a wild shoulder charge just six minutes in and by roughing him up on the ground after 15 minutes.

Ryan was then left groggy after being smashed in a strong tackle from Michael Jennings and James Maloney after about 25 minutes.

We kind of new this already, having seen Frank Paul Nu’uasala’s tweet a while ago:


We also discussed the potential for a blow-up on these pages in the game preview last week, but now that it’s been published in mainstream media it will make for interesting watching on The Footy Show this Thursday.

The move may have backfired as the Roosters seemed to lack focus in the opening 40 on Monday, and were promptly blown off the park 26-0 before they knew what hit them.

But he had it coming. Those SBTV skits are just shithouse.


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