Sonny Bill could be out of tomorrow’s clash: report

The injury crisis just got a little bit more crisis-ey. Maybe.

According to Dean Ritchie at The Telegraph, Sonny Bill Williams is carrying a calf injury that might rule him out of tomorrow’s match against the South Sydney Rabbitohs.

Source: Daily Telegraph.

Source: Daily Telegraph.

According to the article, SBW:

…has a calf injury and will decide on the morning of the match whether to take his place in the Roosters second-row. 

It is understood Roosters coach Trent Robinson has absolutely no desire to risk Williams before the upcoming NRL semi-finals. 

Williams trained with the Roosters this afternoon and tentatively completed the session. But if he wakes tomorrow feeling tight in the calf, he will immediately withdraw.

Ritchie then quotes an unnamed source who said:

“This match is big but it won’t have a huge impact on the season for us. The Roosters will finish either first or second. The result isn’t vital. 

“The new season starts next week and we need Sonny Bill there for the big games. It would be foolish to risk him in a round 26 game. If he is in the slightest of doubt, he will pull out. 

There’s no way Trent (Robinson coach) will risk him.”

Presumably this is the same source that Ritchie quoted when he all but guaranteed that SBW would return to the Roosters next year — but that is just pure speculation on this part. Either way, it’s worth watching this space to determine the strength of Dean’s sources.

The Roosters haven’t said anything on their website so far, but we’ll monitor if anything occurs.

if he does withdraw, that would make it four top-line starters out of the clash with Boyd Cordner, Luke O’Donnell and Roger Tuivasa-Sheck all out of tomorrow’s clash.

For what it’s worth, the Roosters won both their clashes without Sonny Bill this year, by a combined score of 82-6 against an understrength Sharks and the Panthers. But the Rabbitohs are at full strength and would serve as a completely different proposition for the Roosters.


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