Statement from the Roosters on allegations made today

The Roosters have released a statement regarding the articles in the Sydney Morning Herald today:

As is the case with all clubs, players have been regularly and extensively tested throughout the season by ASADA and the Club has fully co-operated with the organisation’s routine tests.

In relation to matters raised in the media today, there has been full voluntary disclosure with the NRL’s Integrity Unit over many months and the Club has not been contacted by ASADA.

We reinforce that the Club maintains the absolute highest standards in its own policies and governance, and as a Club we have nothing to hide.

The Club will be making no further comment.

via Sydney Roosters Media Statement – Sydney Roosters.


2 responses to “Statement from the Roosters on allegations made today

  1. The Rooster’s claim they promptly severed ties with Nubodi, the company the Roosters hired to provide a dietary analysis of players as soon as it became aware the company had breached it’s contractual arrangement having undertaken unauthorised and extended blood profiling without it’s clients consent. The so-called ‘results’ acquired illegally, must remain highly questionable in light of both the clubs, and NRL drug testing unit not having found any irregularities during the course of the season. Having found themselves in such a position, what more should the club have done at the time keeping in mind further testing did not confirm significant increases in HGH in any individual.
    One generally should not be surprised of the perceived value of the data contained in the profiling blueprints of certain elite athletes. Gym junkies and fanatics looking to increase their performance will no doubt try to replicate certain levels and the pairings of key substances. Like illegal drug users, these individuals have no qualms turning themselves into human guinea pigs. These results, just like the tabs often ‘acquired’ at music festivals and concerts come with absolutely no guarantee of being the genuine article. The fact that they were found on the mobile phone of a shady individual suggests this information was intended for someone similarly gullible.


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