Mini to play fullback this season, 2000 words down the dunny

All you can do is laugh.

Some 2000 words of dribble were spent in the 26 Rounds offseason article on who will play fullback for the Sydney Roosters in 2014, and it was cleared up in four:

“Mini is our fullback.”



According to an article on this morning, Coach Trent Robinson said Anthony Minichiello will be the number one from the jump, with Roger Tuivasa-Sheck to reprise his role as Dally M Winger of the Year:

“Mini did a good job last year. He did his job well, he’s our captain and he’s our fullback. And Roger is there on the wing.

“He’ll improve there. He’s still only a kid, and one of the most exciting players in our game, so we need to respect that and develop him, but Mini is our fullback.

“Mini seems a gentle guy, but there’s a fire in him he doesn’t talk about, that pushes him to improve, and that’s what he showed us last year.

“We missed him at the back end of the year when he didn’t play for a few games, and he led us well in the ­finals. It’s a big year for him.”

That clears everything up and makes the previous article on 26 Rounds more than redundant.

It’s a smart move by Trent Robinson in that it clears innuendo about the call from many Roosters fans which started last year for RTS to move into the role and for Mini to shift to the wing, but RTS may not have done enough to secure the role while Mini was out in three games last year.

When he returned, there was a renewed appreciation for the club legend who still has some of the best positional play in the NRL as he captained the club to its first premiership in over a decade.


5 responses to “Mini to play fullback this season, 2000 words down the dunny

    • What a FREAK.

      I feel blessed to watch him and SBW on a weekly basis. My favourites are the step on Carney and the multiple step play against the Dogs when he sends SKD over.



  1. I’m a fan of the status quo being retained. Sure, Mini these days lacks the dynamism of some other fullbacks, but his assuredness and ability to mop up grubbers in-goal is invaluable. That steady hand on the tiller from the back makes us non-seaworthy passengers very comfortable indeed. And it’s not like we’re lacking thrust elsewhere around the park, including from RTS’s wing.


    • Yeah I have no problem, I think those three games he was out proved what he can STILL do. His positional play is without peer IMO.


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