Jackson Hastings set to line up alongside Fittler in Auckland Nines

Two of the most famous names in Eastern Suburbs Roosters history are possibly set to be united in a previously-unimaginable scenario, one sure to make Roosters fans positively giddy.

Following the announcement that Brad Fittler was approved to play in the Auckland Nines on February 15-16, 26 Rounds speculated that the Nines would be the perfect competition to give future superstar Jackson Hastings — son of club legend Kevin Hastings — a taste of the big time.

Well, according to Jackson Hastings himself, he may be called up to the squad after all. 

As brought to 26 Rounds’ attention by Shaun Kenny-Dowall disciple @SkidzzHDRooster , Jackson let slip that he thinks he will play in the exhibition tournament on his Instagram account. To wit:

Source: Instagram via Twitter and @SkidzzHDRooster.

Source: Instagram via Twitter and @SkidzzHDRooster.

A Hastings and a Fittler, on the same field? Playing for the Roosters??

At just 17 years of age, if sent with the squad he will line up alongside 42-year-old Fittler, with the 25-year age gap sure to have David Middleton scrambling for the history books.

Also in the squad — according to the Word of God, who as we know is infallible — is Mitchell Pearce, Dylan Napa, Aidan Guerra, Jake Friend and SKD.

The Roosters will be down on troops for the game thanks to much of their first grade squad being exempt after participating in the Rugby League World Cup and with the all-important World Club Challenge being held the next week. They need to go outside their top 25 to fill out a roster for the squad, and the Nines do pose the perfect opportunity for the club to show off their new signing while also showing that signing he will be a big part of the future.

Source: Twitter.

Source: Twitter.

Hastings is the future of this club and represents a bridge between the past and the present. His father has long been dubbed the best halfback never to play for Australia when he represented the Roosters in the 1980s.

But many astute commentators believe his son will succeed in bringing a long-overdue Kangaroo jersey to the Hastings household.

He can play both halves positions, starred at fullback for the Dragons in the Holden Cup last year, and many see him eventually making the hooking position his best spot.

But everyone is certain the can’t-miss prospect will be a star, regardless of position.

There has also been speculation the utilities that 26 Rounds speculated may also be in the running in the mini-preview posted earlier today — Daniel Mortimer and Samisoni Langi — may also make the trip.

But we have seen these two players. The potential Hastings inclusion and the Return of God would make the Nines must-watch telly for the Roosters’ faithful.

We’ll find out more soon enough. But with social media and video interviews providing more leaks than a fishnet franga, we may have a full squad announced by the end of the week without the club having to draft up a release.


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