Newtown Jets sign Bobbie Goulding Jr, son of Great Britain legend

Source: supplied.

Source: supplied.

The Newtown Jets have secured the signature of Bobbie Goulding Jr, the former Wakefield Trinity halfback and son of Great Britain legend Bobbie Goulding.

The 21-year-old halfback is seen as the first-choice number seven for the NSW Cup squad. He will also, in theory, act as the third back-up to Mitchell Pearce and Daniel Mortimer at the position for the Roosters this year should injury strike.

After making his debut with the Wildcats towards the end of last season, Goulding was released due to a lack of available funds brought on by a spending spree on foreign players including Pita Godinet, Matt Ryan and Scot Anderson and the expected signing of Harry Seijka. He played with the club as recently as boxing day, kicking a penalty goal to secure a draw for the Wildcats against Leeds.

The English influence is starting to grow at the Roosters and Jets.

Source: Wakefield Trinity Wildcats.

Source: Wakefield Trinity Wildcats.

Signed in the past two weeks, 26 Rounds isn’t privy to the finer details of Goulding’s deal, but it came  through assistant coach Steve McNamara — coach of the England squad — who is friends with Junior’s Senior having played with him back with Wakefield in 2000.

The Roosters also managed to snag 18-year-old phenom Curtis Naughton from Bradford. The fullback is slated to get a start with the Roosters’ Toyota Cup squad.

Goulding Senior in action. Source: Daily Mail.

Goulding Senior in action. Source: Daily Mail.

Goulding Sr is regarded as one of England’s greatest halfbacks, a confident and creative half who could kick the living daylights out of the pill. To wit, here’s some footage of his kicking game which led St Helens back from the dead in the 1996 Challenge Cup final:

He was considered a prodigy of the sport and at just 16 made his debut for Wigan in 1988. He won a Cup at 18 and became the youngest-ever Great Britain Lions tourist that very year. Standing just 5 foot six inches, he was a pocket rocket with all the skills needed to succeed.

Unfortunately he suffered long battles with alcoholism and drugs, as well as depression and anxiety. Roosters fans who were around in 1991 may also remember him, albeit not because of his game. He was sacked from the club after reportedly trashing a hotel room before he even played a game for the Eastern Suburbs club.

Rest assured that commentators better in the know than this writer believe his son is more grounded and just keen to hone his craft. And it’s clear the Roosters/Jets partnership is paying dividends for both sides.


6 responses to “Newtown Jets sign Bobbie Goulding Jr, son of Great Britain legend

  1. Great to see the Mighty Jets have a half-back …it was looking a bit thin there in the halves! And your description of the relationship between Easts and Newtown as a ‘partnership’ is spot on. Hate that term ‘feeder club’ when tagged onto such great clubs as Newtown and North Sydney…


    • Exactly man, it’s clearly more than just a feeder club. The Jets is a proud club in its own right and deserves a better tag than that. I think it truly is a partnership and it makes sense on so many levels.

      The Jets are still a little thin at fullback and they may have to convert a winger; although a Twitter pal may have some interesting news on that front. Watch this space 🙂


      • I’m a born and bred Easts supporter, but live walking distance from Royal and Ancient Henson Park…as far as I am concerned The Chooks/Jets partnership is a match made in Heaven! And of course both clubs hate the Bunnies…so “my enemies, enemy is my friend” also rings true!


    • Hear hear mate. At the very least rugby league has given him the passport to travel, and he’ll love Sydney. He won’t have the pressure of his name in the NSW Cup either, he’ll hone his craft and learn from a good coaching staff.


  2. I agree the partnership between the two old clubs works great. The only thing that annoys me is that newtown junior clubs are claimed by Souths as juniors. Surely with this partnership it should include the juniors as well.


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