It’s not ASADA, it’s A SAGA: by Chris (@youjustsaycc)

Source: SBS.

Source: SBS.

BY Chris (@youjustsaycc)

The news today the Shane Flanagan is seeking a three-year extension on his contract at Cronulla has me absolutely baffled.

And the news that if that fails he could sign with St George has me even more perplexed.

Just days ago, the NRL blew up deluxe because Flanagan had the temerity to watch his son run around in the lower grades. It effectively has a ban on him attending Shark Park and coming within talking distance of his players yet he is somehow able to trot into the club sometime soon and sign a new contract with the club or, failing that, go to another club.

He is either very confident that his appeal is going to blow the NRL out of the water or he is just plodding on regardless. I think the former might just be the case.

Which begs the question: what the hell is going on with this bullshit ASADA investigation?

If the whole saga was conducted in a proper manner then maybe one could understand the reasoning for any bans thrown at him — but it hasn’t, and that’s the point.

This whole ASADA investigation is akin to a Keystone cops procedure. Right from the get go, the whole of Australia was told that this particular case was going to blow the lid off all sporting codes in the country by revealing widespread drug use among many leading athletes in all the major sports.

What happened next? Up pops Sandor Earl…

That’s it, no one else. Just Sandor fucking Earl.

Fast forward to now and we not only have the ridiculous situation with Flanagan but we are also hearing through the media that the very person linked to just about every investigated team, club and individual by ASADA is not going to be spoken to.

Stephen Dank is the name on everyone’s lips in relation to supplements programs yet somehow he is seemingly not going to be interrogated by ASADA.

The fact that ASADA hasn’t even handed down its findings and the NRL has already put bans in place smacks of a cover up.

And the fact that the NRL deemed the Cronulla issue so serious and impose such a ban on Flanagan before the outcome of any Federal investigation tells me that it wants to be seen to be doing something at least.

Why not ban him for life if they are so serious? Is he the scapegoat? It will be interesting to see how much more they can creep into his personal space by imposing more bans.

NRL CEO Dave Smith is yet to hand down what is being described as a “verdict” but Flanagan doesn’t have much room to move other than the NRL’s independent appeals committee or the NSW Supreme Court.

If it goes to the latter then it is bound to get ugly. It’s already a shemozzle.

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