The Roosters’ 2014 season in the hands of The Big Marn, by @bonditricolours

Tim Rimington is a man of few tastes. He likes his Rabbit stewed, his metal heavy and, apparently, his kidney stones passed quickly.

You may have run into Tim on Twitter under the aliases of @bonditricolours or @thatmetalman, and he’s written for 26 Rounds before — penning an excellent piece on the history of the Roosters under the stewardship of the Godfather, Nick Politis.

Here, he wonders whether Roosters fans are truly aware of the road ahead — and whether the Big Marn (No, not Darryl Brohman) has a say it in.

The Roosters’ 2014 season truly is in the hands of The Big Marn

By Tim Rimington

Twitter: (@bonditricolours)

Since that beautifully warm Sydney evening on October 6, 2013, Sydney Roosters fans have been riding a fluffy cloud of immense accomplishment for the season that was – although when compared to the club’s previous premiership drought of 27 years (1975 – 2002), the 2013 premiership win felt like passing a difficult kidney stone.

You knew it was coming, but no matter how close it came during previous years (2003, 2004 and 2010), close enough was never gratifying enough.

Allow me to touch on that last point for a second. The Roosters’ halfback in the 2010 grand final, Mitchell Pearce, commented after the 2013 GF Qualifier against the Knights that the 2010 team “were probably just happy to be there”.

My point is, for some fans you sometimes take what your team delivers, even if it’s simply an appearance in a grand final. Such is the competitive nature of the NRL premiership season, but I digress.

So as Roosters fans, are we happy to have ticked that premiership box in 2013, with a “whatever happens, happens”, in 2014? As a Roosters fan, do you have the disposition to endure yet another high-energy year interspersed with Origin, injuries, suspensions, bad video referee calls and games against teams that “we should have beaten” (remember the Titans and Sharks games at the back end of the 2013 season?).

Remember, too, it’s not just the players who shed blood, sweat and tears. Fans lose hair, they have doctors inform them that their blood pressure is too high, and husbands, wives, boyfriends, girlfriends, puppies and children are pushed to the back of the family cue week after week (with flowers and dinners for two delivered during the all-important family-rebuilding byes).

So here we go again with what is also a high-pressure season for the Bondi boys. Expectation is as high in 2014, if not higher than what it was in 2013, given the player roster and the “bonus year” from that man with the Kiwi accent and love of all-things Heavenly.

And speaking of Heavenly, I hope that all Roosters fans dropped to their knees at the 78th minute of play, back on October 6. Sonny gave his thanks that night when he dropped to his knees; I feel that it’s only a show of respect and thanks that we, too, do the same.

Source: Daily Telegraph.

Source: Daily Telegraph.

Why not do that now? Just a quick drop, if you will.

Furthermore, should Roosters fans be worried if SBW fails to raise his brow skyward before the big games in 2014? Would the man up top begrudge us and cause SBW to delay that miracle pass by a millisecond or three? Or would his voice boom over the Allianz P.A., reminding Sonny Bill that he better get his praying hands skyward during half time, or else?

Regardless of whether you believe The Big Marn decides which team holds the trophy aloft in October or not, the fact that the Sydney Roosters have multiple spiritual players in its ranks surely counts for something.

Perhaps the round one loss to the Bunnies was a shot across our spiritual bow that our players of faith forgot who’s really in charge?

For until players, fans and staff acknowledge that the 2014 season is very much up in the air, and skyward beyond the clouds, the season ahead will be a long and arduous journey.

Just ask the Israelites. Didn’t they wander the desert for 40 years?


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