Jared Waerea-Hargreaves facing 1-2 weeks; why the Roosters should fight the charge

Source: Fox Sports.

Source: Fox Sports.

If you didn’t see this coming, you probably weren’t wearing your glasses. Or you’re Stevie Wonder.

Suspensions and ridiculous charges have become part and parcel of Jared Waerea-Hargreaves’ career, and another parcel was delivered to the Roosters’ front rower in the form of a Grade 2 Careless High Tackle which could see him miss two weeks if he contests the charge and loses, or one if he takes the early guilty plea.

It’s a parcel akin to a bag full of shit that’s been left on the porch and set on fire.

The incident occurred at the 18:27 mark of the first half of the Manly game when Glenn Stewart hit the ball up and JWH approached as the second man in the tackle. Glenn Stewart’s head connected with JWH’s shoulder despite the fact that JWH was stationary and in the motion of tackling around the body.

His shoulder does not charge in any way, and Stewart is falling into the tackle, as this Gif will show:


However, time was called off, and JWH was put on report. Stewart was taken off and did not return. If he is suspended, it will be the sixth time in four years that the Roosters prop will be forced to sit on the sidelines as punishment.

With that in mind, the Roosters know all too well they are unlikely to get a favourable call from the judiciary, because when it comes to JWH, they never have.

But the Roosters have every right to contest the charge, and they should.

While the hit has undoubtedly collected Glenn Stewart high, JWH’s arm is wrapping around and low — it’s his shoulder that is high and he hasn’t lead with it.

Roosters fans across the board are calling for the Roosters to fight the charge — and i think it’s time they did. The threat of an extra week is nothing in the face of the shitty refereeing and this horrible decision.

Fans are overwhelmingly proud of the way Trent Robinson delivered his measured, professional criticism of the most blatantly one-sided refereeing all year, and they would be just as proud here.

Roosters fans want their club to be heard:

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