WEEKEND PLANNER: Jets set to debut “E Squared +” this weekend at Henson vs the Dogs

If you haven’t got your Saturday already planned, It’s worthwhile heading across to Henson Park — and if you have plans, nothing wrong breaking them.

They’re playing the Dogs and after three straight losses, the 2012 premiers are due for a win. They’re also trialling something unique to the NSW Cup: E-Squared +.

In a joint Steele Sports/Newtown Jets initiative, E-Squared + is live commentary via a “sports ears” style device and is elucidated over the airways via the silky smooth voice of Alby Talarico, the man behind Roosters Radio which comes across the airs every Tuesday night.

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It’s a great initiative that will only enhance the experience of attending a real footy match, sitting on the hill with a tinny. I’ve been meaning to do a piece on Alby’s efforts for a while: he’s got a heckuva website over at Steele Sports, he gets some great guests on his podcast (which can be found over on the right side of the site) and he does a heap to support both the Jets and Roosters.

The Jets have lost three straight, but are due for a win and sport a pretty handy side, including relatively new signing and former wunderkind Arana Taumata. There’s also a heap of familiar names to Roosters fans, many of whom look to be the backups for the first grade squad in Samisoni Langi, Rhyse Martin, Jonathon Reuben, Kurt Kara and Siosuia Taukeiaho:

Shannon Gallant, Jonathon Reuben, Rhyse Martin, Brett Lane, Chris Taripo, Samisoni Langi, Arana Taumata, Saulala Houma, Kurt Kara, Andrew Pearn, Jack Siejka, Siosuia Taukeiaho, Jack Noble. Interchange: David Harris, Ray Moujalli, Jordan Galloway, Ryan Verlinden.


2 responses to “WEEKEND PLANNER: Jets set to debut “E Squared +” this weekend at Henson vs the Dogs

  1. The reason we go to Henson Park is because it ISN’T like the NRL …it’s an arvo at the footy. Somewhere along the line the NRL has lost some of it’s heart and sold most of it’s soul. What’s left can be found at Henson Park on a Saturday at 3pm…


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