Roosters table offer to Moa — they have to re-sign this guy, but clubs will circle

Source: Zimbio.

Source: Zimbio.

Off contract Roosters front-rower Sam Moa has been offered a two year deal to stay at the club.

According to an article on Fox Sports:

Moa’s manager Sam Ayoub met Roosters officials on Tuesday to discuss the 27-year-old’s future, amid interest from two NRL rivals.

“The Roosters tabled us a two-year offer and we are working through it,” Ayoub said.

Moa starred in a Kiwi side controversially minus his front-row partner at the tricolours Jared Waerea-Hargreaves.

Who those other clubs are wasn’t mentioned, nor was the size of the deal. But interest was bound to spring up after the prop became one of the better stories in the NRL last year when he laid the platform along with JWH for the Roosters first premiership in 11 years — and his display against the Aussies on Friday only would have attracted larger offers.

Moa has been, without question, the engine that makes the Roosters go this year, and he and JWH — when they have both played well — are arguably among the best front-row pairings in the NRL.

In four wins, Moa’s averaging 13.5 runs, 121.75 metres and two tackle busts. In four losses, those numbers fall to just 8.25 runs, 65.25 metres and 0.75 tackle busts. As Moa goes, so go the Roosters. 

But when that combination with JWH is firing is when the Roosters look like the premiership favourites.

When he and Moa share the load, the Roosters win and win easily as they showed last year. Just three times this season have both Moa and Jared run it for double-digit runs apiece, but all three have been wins (the other win when they didn’t both crack double digits was last week against the Sharks).

In those three wins the Roosters have averaged 40 points and scored no less than 30.

But will the Roosters be able to re-sign him?

Source: Daily Telegraph.

Source: Daily Telegraph.

The club has also tabled an offer to New Zealand teammate Kevin Proctor in the $500K per year vicinity, and with SBW’s contract reportedly in the $750K range. To re-sign Moa, that would leave $250K left over to go with the increase in the salary cap and whatever money is left assuming Anthony Minichiello retires.

Regardless, Moa should be the number one priority for the Roosters, even with the likes of Kane Evans and Dylan Napa biding their time. Roosters fans overwhelmingly see Moa as more important to them and their club than the prospect of Proctor — who, coincidentally, was also excellent against the Aussies, but not nearly as great as Moa was.

But other clubs are chasing, and if the Roosters are dead-set on snagging Proctor then another club could be willing to pay overs to get the devastating front-rower — in which case the Roosters have a choice to make: match the overs and not sign Proctor, or let Moa walk.

I think I can speak for the majority of Roosters fans that the former is the more desirable scenario, and whether you like Proctor’s game or not, every fan LOVES Victa.


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