Mitchell Pearce arrested in Kings Cross

Source: The Guardian.

Source: The Guardian.

Roosters halfback Mitchell Pearce was arrested on Sunday morning and issued an infringement notice after reportedly becoming involved in an “interaction” with a woman at a Kings Cross niteclub which allegedly left the woman visibly distressed.

According to Channel 9 last night, Pearce was charged with a failure to leave a licensed premises and was issued an infringement notice, as well as being banned from the area for 48 hours.

The reporter, John Steinfort, then went on to allege that, according to footage they’d seen from security cameras, Pearce was involved in an argument with a woman at the Beach Haus Hotel. According to Channel 9, the argument allegedly caused the woman to become visibly upset and to seek out nearby uniformed police officers, who then arrested Pearce after he refused to leave the establishment.

According to the Sydney Morning Herald:

While police were inside the club, a person alerted them to an alleged incident with the 25-year-old. Police have called for witnesses to the alleged incident, which happened near the dance floor. Inspector Craig Lowery would not give details on the alleged incident, but said it was not a fight or brawl.

‘‘The witness observed the incident and we believe there was another person who was involved in the incident and we would like that person to come forward as well,’’ Inspector Lowery said.
‘‘At this stage, [the witness] just alerted police to an interaction that’s occurred between two people. It’s too early in the investigation to determine what’s actually happened but we’ll review when we get all the information in front of us.’’

The Roosters issued the following statement yesterday:

The Sydney Roosters have been made aware that Mitchell Pearce was issued with an infringement notice for failure to quit a licensed premises overnight.

The infringement notice was issued and the fine paid.

The Roosters have advised the NRL’s Integrity Unit.

From here, the club will address the matter internally and will be making no further comment.

Channel 9’s Steinfort said the station was downloading the CCTV footage and “hoped” to broadcast it for today’s prime time news.

What this means for Pearce’s Origin campaign and immediate future at the Roosters remains unclear, and that’s a good thing. Due process needs to be adhered to. We’ll keep you posted with any further news, which hopefully isn’t going to come.


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