Mitchell Pearce denies “inappropriate interaction”, no formal complaint made

Mitchell Pearce has denied any “inappropriate interaction” with a woman at a Kings Cross nightclub, while the woman involved in the alleged incident has yet to make a formal complaint to police, according to several media reports.

His lawfirm issued a statement denying the claims made through the media and especially Channel 9, which broadcast footage of the alleged incident yesterday. According to Channel 9, the statement read:

“There has been speculation and innuendo in the media which creates the impression that our client had an inappropriate interaction with a female patron at a nightclub over the weekend. That speculation is false – Henry Davis York.”

Source: SMH

Source: SMH

According to The Sydney Morning Herald:

Footage obtained by Channel Nine and aired on Monday night’s news bulletin suggested a female patron had become agitated when Pearce moved toward her from his seat at the Beach Haus as she walked past him at about 1.30am on Sunday. The woman, who was wearing a bright yellow dress with a split up the side, then approached uniformed police who were in the venue at the time and pointed out Pearce to them. He was then asked to leave but allegedly refused and was handcuffed by police before being escorted from the establishment in Kellett Street.

But, according to that same story, the NRL is still considering action against Pearce:

… the NRL is still considering disciplinary action and the integrity unit is investigating. An NRL spokesman said they were continuing to monitor the matter involving Pearce. The spokesman said the Roosters had advised the integrity unit about the matter. “The police investigations are ongoing and  we will continue to monitor the situation,” the spokesman said. 

Unless the woman makes a formal complaint to police, the inviestigation will likely cease. Regardless, the increased media focus has forced the Roosters to change their routines. According to that same SMH article:

Pearce joined his Roosters teammates at training on Monday. The closed session resembled the build up to a grand final with the Roosters switching their ball work session from the normal training base – the easily accessible Kippax Oval outside the Moore Park prescient – to inside Allianz Stadium. They cancelled their regular team breakfast at a nearby cafe and instead had the meal delivered to their offices.

With media helicopters soaring above head, the Roosters were put through more than a hour on the field, with Pearce captured walking from Roosters headquarters to inside their home ground.

If the Roosters were looking at drawing attention away from themselves, some of their players did little to prevent that. They were at times childish, yahooing at the waiting media, chanting and at one point held up a helmet from within their club offices.

It’s clear the Roosters and his team-mates believe their halfback’s side of the story — that’s the way I see that show of defiance to the media. They are sticking up for their under fire team-mate, but call it childish all you want, even if that seems like unnecessary editorialisation of a story in Sydney’s newspaper of record.


2 responses to “Mitchell Pearce denies “inappropriate interaction”, no formal complaint made

  1. WTF? The SMH finally writing about Rugby League…oh sorry, my mistake, it’s more celebrity capers… (after all the official preview of the game last friday night was a whole paragraph, and after State of Origin selection speculation was all of one whole sentence… from memory it was ‘ Wests will bring the fight but the Roosters should have too much class”… I think the press have their priorities around the wrong way. Just sayin’…


    • Agreed. What I didn’t like was that this should have been a straight news story — they had to report it, but the editorialisation at the end really turned me off.


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