NSW Origin Selections: the straight dope, by @ItsMitchell180

Source: Brisbane Times

Source: Brisbane Times

We at 26 Rounds would proud to bring you Origin expert reaction of the NSW origin team for game 1.

Sadly, we couldn’t find a expert at such short notice. So here is @ItsMitchell180‘s reaction to the team. he’s included a mission statement that each individual should live by in the form of a “game plan” which, lets face it, they could really use for up at Suncorp.

1. Jarryd Hayne

No surprise here. He has been in great form this season and let’s not forget his strong performance at fullback in game 1 last year. His days of playing on the wing and in the centres should be long gone.

Game plan: Lurk around the middle

2. Brett Morris

He has pace to burn, and I hope he switches to the right.

Game plan: Plenty of leg speed #Daleyism

3. Josh Morris

Has done the job defensively on Inglis before and now seems to be on left.

Game plan: Run around Hodges and his dodgy achilles.

4. Michael Jennings

Scored a great solo try in game 1 last year and is a mainstay in the NSW team now. His combo with Tupou adds some extra familiarity to his game this series.

Game plan: If he’s on the right: Good luck with Inglis.

5. Daniel Tupou

Izzy Tupou? No, it’s Daniel Tupou, but he just could be our Izzy. He can jump like a demon and has plenty of speed  — but let’s hope he doesn’t catch a case of Uate-itis under the high ball.

Game plan: DONT RUSH IN!

6. Josh Reynolds

‘He’s an origin type player’: A statement that makes me cringe as its used to justify players in the past who are just useless. He has mongrel, I’ll give him that. But is mongrel going to place a perfect kick in the corner or create a line break?

Game plan: NO PENALTIES.

7. Trent Hodkinson

The biggest bolter since Jamie Buhrer and anyone who said they had him in their team before round 1 is a filthy, rotten LIAR! Whether he is a better player than Mitchell Pearce I think is irrelevant; he is something different which is just maybe what’s needed.

Game plan: Find grass with the kicks.

8. Aaron Woods

Was woeful in game 3 last year, so each hit up needs to have meaning.

Game plan: Run hard!

9. Robbie Farah

Back from injury and was best on ground in the Tigers match against Cronulla.

Game plan: the game is 80 minuteslong, tackle, no forward passes and don’t kick!

10. James Tamou

Like Woods he needs to make each run count; don’t be cute with offloads, just run the damn ball.

Game plan: Run hard too!

11. Beau Scott

I don’t understand it but he does have experience. Thankfully he is in the backrow and not centre.

Game plan: Tackle, tackle and tackle some more.

12. Ryan Hoffman

Do hole runners work in origin? I don’t think so, but I’m happy to be proved wrong. The “Cronk to Hoffman to Slater” is a great play; maybe we will see Hodkinson to Hoffman to Hayne i.e. the Triple H Play (you’re welcome, media).

Game plan: Go Hoff!

13. Paul Gallen

The captain back where he belongs in the backrow. He took a stance last year with that punch, and this year needs to do so in defence and while holding the Steeden.

Game plan: Keep calm and run forward

14. Tony Williams

Could be tremendous, or the biggest dud of the game. There’s really no in-between with T-Rex.

Game plan: Pull your finger out!

15. Trent Merrin

He’s been a part of the team for a few years, and is a workhorse in the middle.

Game plan: Go forward!

16. Luke Lewis

If he wasn’t underdone he’d be starting in the backrow but has added something off the bench in the past.

Game plan: Get on after 20 minutes and stay there.

17. Anthony Watmough

Should give some impact off the bench against tired forwards.

Game plan: Continue the platform *hopefully* laid by the starters.


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