#NRL180: Of course… but maybe… a Louis CK-style take on NRL “crises” by @ItsMitchell180

By @ItsMitchell180

If you haven’t seen Louis CK do stand-up, then do yourself a favour and head over to Youtube and lose yourself for an hour or two.

But one of his “skits” could easily have included a section on the NRL and the myriad of crises that apparently blemish the sport. Here it is, and you’re welcome:

Surely that fits in with the many arguments that aren’t seriously as one-sided as they are made out to be? For instance:

The Origin schedule

Of course State of Origin needs to be held on a standalone weekend. For many years now (it’s nothing new) the NRL season has been interrupted by the beast that is Origin footy. Clubs with Origin reps are put at a disadvantage while the cellar dwellers ‘undeservedly’ get some wins. Of course things could be better….

…but maybe, someone should come up with an alternative that will suit everyone. Because something seemingly as simple as a standalone match on a Sunday night won’t attract the TV networks, and after the uproar of a few weeks ago with “no NRL games on a weekend” (rep weekend), how the heck will the game cope with three weekends of just one game?!? As it stands, we have both options of a NRL free weekend and a standalone rep weekend on the table, and they both get complaints.

On-field referees

Of course the referees have made some mistakes this year…

… but maybe not every 50/50 call that goes against one team is a “disgrace” or requires “an urgent overhaul of the refereeing system”. The term 50/50, after all, means something can go either way. Now I do agree video referees have made some gobsmackingly terrible, shocking, unforgivable calls this year. But the constant bashing of the on field referees by all is tiresome, and it also takes away from the arguments when legitimate blunders occur.

And of course I think a “captain’s challenge” system would help…

… but maybe we need to accept human error.

Ticket prices

Of course origin is the pinnacle of the game and ticket prices should reflect it. Of course…

… but maybe ticket prices for the NRL matches around the origin period should be lowered as the product is weakened with stars not playing. High prices for the best; lower prices for lesser quality matches.

Queensland is unstoppable

Of course Queensland will win this year’s State of Origin series; most of the squad has been a part of this eight-year winning streak. They know how to win no matter the circumstance and they have a pehnomenal coach in Michael Hagan running the show.

Of course they’ll win. They also have two games in Brisbane in front of what should be a sell-out crowd. Of course they’ll win…

…but maybe, just maybe, this New South Wales team can do it. Booze ups are out, the camp is in Coffs and they’re picking players in form; it could be just crazy enough to work!

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2 responses to “#NRL180: Of course… but maybe… a Louis CK-style take on NRL “crises” by @ItsMitchell180

  1. How to work Stand alone origin weekends? Bring back a Cup competition… 16 teams = 4 rounds. Round 1 would be 2 weeks before the Premiership kickoff (when everyone plays their final trials), Round 2 (4 matches) with Origin 1 (so Origin on Friday night, 2 Cup matches Saturday and 2 Sunday), Round 3 – Semi finals -would be with Origin 2 (Origin Friday night, Cup semis Saturday night and Sunday Arvo) And the Cup final on the Saturday night following the Friday night Origin 3. The Cup squads could be made up of NYC/NSW Cup/QLD Cup/NRL players…all of those comps would be on hold for the Origin/Cup weekends.


    • I don’t mind that idea — Mitch will have a few ideas as well. Mine was to have a nines tournament for the U20S on the rep weekend…

      The problem with an extra cup is that people will complain that players are being overworked. Another Of course… but maybe example.


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