Pearce out 8 weeks, fined $125K

Updated: Mitchell Pearce has been suspended for eight weeks and fined $125,000 following the Australia Day incident which has seen him out of the game and, for a period, the country.

According to, the “Roosters reached an agreement with the NRL integrity unit this morning after 48 hours of negotiations. It is understood $50,000 of the $125,000 fine has been suspended.”


The Roosters were aiming for between two and four weeks, while the NRL wanted 12 weeks. So they’ve basically split the difference. The rumours persisted since the start of the drama that six weeks and $50K were what was going to be handed down, but the new suspension goes above that.

Roosters fans will no doubt have their say on this, as will opposition fans. For this writer, who expected the 12 weeks suspension from the NRL, this probably isn’t a horrible outcome for Pearce — who gets to stay out of the opposition fans’ limelight for a while longer — and the $125K is a deceptive fine as reportedly $50K is suspended. Given it’s an outcome agreed to by both the NRL and the Roosters, both must agree it’s the fairest outcome.

He’ll miss the Anzac Day clash but will be back for Round 9 to face the Knights at home.

Fans, no doubt, will disagree though. But have your say in the comments below.

You have to feel for the video-taker though, who reportedly sold the video for $5,000 to a media companiy which then onsold it for $75,000. As Twitterati and Chook fan @Ando4285 said:




2 responses to “Pearce out 8 weeks, fined $125K

  1. It’s a good point that the NRL and the Roosters must both have agreed a fair outcome. That is one of the greatest fines I think I’ve seen in the NRL, however I am still of the opinion that it deserved more. Ok he didn’t break the law, but he is or was a club captain… He’s done this before too. I usually stick up for Pearce and I did after the “yellow dress” incident. However I am inclined to think he got off soft here. We will cop it from other teams fans all year…


    • I agree. If you focus purely on the effect of this incident as a leader, its still bad and highly undertalked about. He was the captain and on the piss like that with a 19yo rookie in tow with him, one new to the club. That itself is unacceptable.


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