SST out for at least a month. Shit. But not as bad as first feared.


Source: Twitter.

It looked bad when it happened, and even worse when footage came in from the dressing sheds. Siosiua Taukeiaho limped off the field after 26 minutes against the Bunnies and didn’t return, and footage emerged mid-broadcast of the big unit being propped up by two people two simply walk around the sheds.

It looked season-ending.

So I guess losing our best forward this season for between four and six weeks isn’t that bad, considering the alternative?

Then you look at his stats this season and realise what the Roosters will miss during that time: 13.5 runs a game and nine metres a run, and just 4.6 minutes between each run and with 2.33 tackle busts a match to boot. Defensively he’s one of our best now too, averaging 25.5 tackles a game and just 0.67 misses at a rate of 97 per cent completed. Dude is a freaking workhorse and developed into an 80 minute player that isn’t easily replicated off the bench, if at all.

We now not only have to replace his impact, but his minutes allocation. Does Isaac Liu fill that breach? Someone has to.

It’s a big blow in a season of them, coming during the club’s first win of the season. The Rugby League Gods are horrendously cruel sometimes.

Here’s the statement from the Roosters:

There was one injury to come out of the Sydney Roosters clash with the South Sydney Rabbitohs on Friday night.

Sio Siua Taukeiaho sustained a medial ligament injury which forced him from the field mid-way through the first half.

The Roosters medical staff have confirmed that he will be sidelined for 4-6 weeks while he recovers.

There were no other injuries to come out of the Friday night clash.




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