Mitchell Pearce: he’s out too. Poor Dale Copley.

And the hits just keep on coming. Mitchell Pearce has now been ruled out of the Tigers clash with what Fox Sports is describing as a calf injury:

26 Rounds heard different mail in that it was a knee injury but regardless, it’s somewhere leggy. He’s out, and from what we have heard here at 26 Rounds Connor Watson will slide into the halfback spot with Jackson Hastings coming in as 18th man.

This, on top of Shaun Kenny-Dowall remaining out and with the news earlier today that Boyd Cordner is out for at least a month means we are effectively up shit creek, even if the game this week is against a team which we’ve dominated in eight of the past nine outings dating back to 2010’s final and Braith’s field goal.

You HAVE to feel for Dale Copley. Starts the season and receives no ball as he plays on the left and the halves never went there as Pearce was at the time sidelined through suspension. Rips his pec. Pearce comes back. They finally start going left thanks to Pearce’s influence. Copley comes back early from the injury, Pearce gets injured immediately.

The move from Brissy continues to be an on-field nightmare for a centre who has yet to get the opportunity to show fans that he’s actually good — and Pearce was that opportunity.


8 responses to “Mitchell Pearce: he’s out too. Poor Dale Copley.

  1. Been a terrible year with injuries! Where is Nikorema? Hasn’t been named in any side for a few weeks but didn’t hear of any injury.


  2. FFS. And it’s going to be pissing down as well. I’ll still go, spend the whole time chasing around my two kids with my busted hammy and sore knee. The things we do for love.


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