Umm…did Gus Gould accidentally spill the beans on the Roosters trying to sign Mitch Moses?

Friday in summary: the weather hit like a torrent, Mitchell Pearce and Boyd Cordner were both ruled out… and former Roosters coach and soon-to-be-ex Penrith GM Phil Gould accidentally publicly tweeted out what was seemingly intended to be a private message.

That message said a chap called “Nick” tried to sign Tigers five-eighth Mitch Moses for two weeks before the youngster’s manager pulled the plug at the last minute.

For those who missed it, here’s the tweet:


Source: Twitter.

Gould’s account has since been deleted, but the Internet, as they say in the scriptures, never forgets — and the screenshot above (obtained from a tweet by the man who never sleeps, Niles) is all the web needed to set ablaze on the wettest of Sydney nights.

It’s believed the Nick in question is a certain famous Nick that has an affiliation with the Roosters… and if that’s true then it appears the Roosters have been trying to sign Mitch Moses of the Tigers to be the five-eighth they’ve been looking for to partner Mitch Pearce in the halves, creating the first all-Mitch halves combo ever (is that accurate? I don’t fact check on Fridays).

So many questions… none of which are likely to be answered by anyone. But here’s one: does this attempt at signing a five eighth effectively mean the end of Jackson Hastings’ career as a Rooster given the added rumours of in-fighting involving the halfback following a lacklustre loss to the Titans three weeks back?

And if this fell through which Gus’ now-phantom tweet suggests, is that it now that it fell through, or are the Roosters still looking at another half despite the presence of Hastings — who mid-week suggested he’s staying at the club until the end of his deal (or was that a response to Moses’ not signing at Bondi?) — and with the roster already fielding halves in Connor Watson, Jayden Nikorima and utility Ryan Matterson?

And if it’s true, is Moses really better than Hastings?

Of course, there’s a chance that the Nick in question is another Nick entirely. Regardless, a weird end to a weird week just got a heckuva lot weirder.


5 responses to “Umm…did Gus Gould accidentally spill the beans on the Roosters trying to sign Mitch Moses?

  1. Interesting, some random thoughts.
    Gus does seem to enjoy twitter, I hope this isn’t the end.
    If it is the Roosters, which seems likely, Robbo and POS are still trying to settle on a long term halves combo.
    I don’t watch enough Magpigers games to have an opinion on Moses.


    • Hes constantly deleting and reactivating his accounts so it’s a love hate thing I believe. Moses has ability, sure. But I’m not sure if he’s any better than Hastings.


      • I’ll defer to your judgement there mate. I think most Roosters fans would like to see Hastings succeed.


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