About 26 Rounds

Disclaimer: This page is in no way affiliated with the Sydney Roosters.

This is simply an independent Roosters news and analysis site with content written by me, a former journalist who goes by the name of Jake Jarmel. Yes, it’s an alias. I don’t have anything against the exclamation point like the real Jake, but I am a writer and would never stop for Jujyfruits.

The site is largely inactive these days; sadly, the demands of actual paid work and life have prevented this from being what it was when it first began: a fully fledged analysis and commentary site with breaking news galore.

Speaking of payment, I’m always available for people looking for copywriters or writing jobs in general. Feel free to inquire via email: jakejarmel01@gmail.com. You can also find me over at Twitter @26rounds or at Facebook.



6 responses to “About 26 Rounds

  1. Awesome to find a site with intelligent writing and well-researched articles. Yep, I’m a Roosters supporter. One eyed. Keep up the fine work!


  2. Love the blog, love the reviews. Only quibble- I think the Roosters actually have one of the biggest supporter bases in the NRL. A Daily Tele poll a few years ago got something like 125,000 respondents saying they were Roosters fans. Our season pass holder numbers are 11-13000, and regular game attendees are probably similar, but that’s not the same as fans.
    Anyway, keep up the great work!


    • I don’t doubt it and thanks for the stat! I meant more to do with crowds at games, and obviously now this is a little dated as they are averaging more than 20K as of Round 17, 2013. But it wouldn’t surprise me considering the Roosters have a huge fan base up in Central Coast, for example, where it’s estimated 17 per cent of all Roosters fans are based…


  3. It’d be my dream job to run a community-organising type operation for the Roosters to get all those fans on a database so we can get the to participate more in the club, either by coming to games, buying merch or modified (or full) memberships, whatever. They are the club’s real strength in the end- no fans, no club.


    • you should get in touch with them. Memberships are their biggest push, as they should be. If they can get some fresh ideas I’m sure they’d be all for it!


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