Season Statistics

The one-stop shop for all Roosters statistics for the current season. All stats are accrued via, and may differ from those found on other databases such as or Supercoach, which use a different provider and which aren’t readily available in as much detail. If you see any irregularities, feel free to get in touch.

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Last updated May 26, 2016

2016 Opponent Match Totals/Averages and Roosters Match Totals/Averages
(Opponents on top, Roosters below, with the averages in the middle for comparison)


2016 Player Averages 


2016 Player Totals


Value-Added Run Rate: VARR is a general overview of the running game of players and their extra impact at the defensive line. It shows the number of  “extra” impact plays i.e. in the form of an offload, line break or tackle bust, that are registered as a percentage of a player’s runs.
Formula is: [(Line breaks+tackle busts+offloads)-(errors)]/Total Runs








8 responses to “Season Statistics

    • Essentially it’s just an average i.e. the average tackles per miss…it’s an easier way to read it that a percentage, as that typically reads 96%, 95%,94% etc etc… especially among forwards. I guess in a way this makes separation between players slightly easier to read. For example, lets say Jake friend and Aidan Guerra both make 96% of their tackles.. this would show that, for example, Friend would make more tackles between misses and thus highlights his greater workload in a way. In effect, this shows it slightly differently than would typically be seen although it’s admittedly nothing ground-breaking 🙂 I’ll actually update and include a percentage of tackles completed table for context too.

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  1. Thanks for all your time and effort, much appreciated and good to have you back,with a bit of luck and a goal kicker we would have been top 6 even without our 3 missing stars, let’s grab E Taylor and our year really starts

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    • Cheers, comments like this are much appreciated especially on the stats front — it takes a bit of time to get it all together but it’s fun nonetheless.


  2. Ferguson’s missed tackles are telling. Poor reads as well as poor contact. Plenty of work to be done to be Origin standard (let alone Kangaroos)


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